1 - Why should i book a freebird Adventures rather than a tour with another tour company?
When asked why they are so enthusiastic about recommending a Freebird Adventure to their friends, many riders comment on how well they like our style of doing things. So what exactly is “The Freebird Adventures Style”?

  • High Quality Accommodations and Meals. Smaller groups enable us to use smaller, more interesting “boutique” hotels and lodges that simply can’t accommodate large groups. Although for some overnight stops the most interesting restaurant may be located at our hotel, we usually avoid dining in hotels. We prefer very nice, local restaurants, where riders can experience great local cuisine while dining with the locals. The major difference between our “style” and that of many competitors is that we don’t restrict our riders to limited foods  and we always include non-alcoholic beverages with our dinners. 

  • Small Groups. Our Adventures aren’t designed for the masses – they are much more personal. We limit most trips to 10 customer motorcycles. You’re likely to feel as though you haven’t been on a “tour” at all – but have had a wonderful adventure with a small group of friends.

  • Experienced Tour Guides. Our tour leaders are local guide, expirience, friendly, knowlegke, and happy people

  • Model, Quality Motorcycles.  We are totally use Honda for our trip  ( honda CrF 250CC, XR 150CC Win 110cc ). We don’t want anyone’s vacation to be interrupted by a mechanical failure.

  • Exciting Activities Included in Tour Price. Most of our adventures include exciting activities in the tour price. Examples include ( boats trip, hiking, caving, swimming, ...etc ) just depending on which option are you going to ride with us, We include several other exciting activities and excursions.

  • Airport Transfers. . we will pick you up from the airport , our driver will send you to your hotel . Will also take you back to the airport after your adventure with us..

2 - Driving licences & Insurance
Vietnam now accepts international driving permits from most countries, you home motorbike driving license is fine for our tours. Please check with your health insurance provider to make sure they cover driving while in Vietnam.

If you want to have the Vietnamese driving license, you should be in Vietnam few day before the trip start, we can help you tranfer from your driving to our driving license, pls send us email for more info.

Drivers Licenses: Your home country driving license will suffice if you are pulled over by the police and it generally is not checked. However, if you are involved in a accident that requires police investigate you will be asked to supply a valid driving license, fines can be imposed and motorbike impounded.

Insurance: We strongly advise all overseas customers to obtain travel insurance before they arrive. You should have you own health insurance coverage that covers driving in Vietnam, while international quality health facilities are available in Hanoi and HCMC, health care services in the countryside is of a lower standard. District towns have health facilities that include emergency, x-ray services and can help you deal with a minor accident, they will except payment at the end of treatment.

We do not offer coverall liability insurance you will be responsible for the full replacement cost if motorbike is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair. If Motorbike has been damaged on One of our tours we will get it back to Hanoi. but, you be liable for its repair. While on tour we accept that there will be normal wear and tear on the bikes or a few scratches. Dropping the bike is part of the experience, we are only concerned with major damage to the bike that would make it non functioning. we have a price list of replacement parts like the radiator, handle bars and smashed plastic bits on request.

We do not offer third party liability insurance If involved in a accident with a local person we will work with them to make restitution in cash on the spot for damages to the other vehicle and if any medical aid is required. Medical care is very reasonably priced and in case of a small accident the cost is minimal. As an example: Trip to provincial town private medical center with 2 X-rays and doctor consultation 40 $US ( no broken bones to set in this case).  Motorbiking is not the safest of activities in Vietnam so we always drive slow and take care.
We are on a tour not a race.

It is best to avoid problems and drive slowly and safely, if you are in a accident, even if it is not your fault, you must be prepared to negotiate a payment or restitution on the spot.
We have a support vehicle available  to follow us on tour to carry luggage and provide transport in-case of injury. Please contact us for details.

3 - Accommodations & Foods

Accommodation: Although Vietnam is a developing country and we visit some remote places, the quality of accommodation has improved greatly. In small towns we stay at local private guest houses, each double room will have air conditioning, private bath, hot water and mosquito nets on each bed. In some locations local home stays are available where the sleeping arrangements are made usually in a house on stilts all in one room. Each person will have a mattress, pillow and mosquito net with a shared toilet / shower in an out building. Silk sleeping sheets are available from Shops in Hanoi.

Accommodation varies from comfortable, middle-class hotels and lodges to luxury hotels and game lodges, depending on the type of accommodations available along our route. All accommodations will be clean, safe, and pleasant. The basic tour price includes double occupancy, but you can reserve a private room by paying an upgrade fee.

4-  how do i get Vietnam visa?

Visa infomation:
You will need a visa while in Vietnam, so here is how you can acquire one. Start early on the process, as it can take up to 14 days (and sometimes even longer) to get a visa.
Important Notice: You DO NOT need a Vietnam Entry Visa if you are planning to travel in Vietnam for less than 30 days. This applies to residents of Laos, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand.

Also, you DO NOT need a Vietnam Entry Visa if you are planning to travel in Vietnam for less than 15 days. This applies to citizens of Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, South Korea, and Japan.

Make a visa
In order to get a Vietnam Visa, there are 3 ways to get there:

  1. You can contact the Vietnamese Embassy in your country, who can pre arrange your visa.

  2. We can prearrange an invitation approval visa letter before you depart from your country and upon your arrival in a Vietnamese International Airport, you will be issued the full visa.This is the most convenient way to get a visa:

  3. you can make visa from the entry airport now, but this is more complicate. And depend on which country you are.

5 - How many hours do we drive each day?
We usually ride for about 5-6 hours per day, it all depends on your riding skill level and your program. We will have stops to take photos, during the day, or to have local fruits or drinks and short visits in the selected villages we pass by. For the longer tours, we can make accommodation arrangement, so you take some rest from riding

6 -  How many km we drive each day?
Depending on road conditions and attractions along our trip. Many days include fewer than 200 km of riding, and it’s unusual for any day to exceed 250 milekm. If so, be assured you’ll be on good, high-speed roads. Our trips are designed to provide a good mix of sightseeing and riding. The schedule provides time for a nice breakfast, a leisurely lunch, some sightseeing and arrival at the hotel in time for some local sightseeing and relaxation before dinner. We usually arrive at our destination by about 3:30 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

7 - what if i can not  make the trip after having made a deposit ?
We strongly recommend that you obtain trip cancellation/interruption insurance from an insurance company or opt for protection available from Freebird Adventures. This protection provides for payment of a refund in the event you are prevented from taking or completing the trip because of a qualifying circumstance. Additional information on this option is included on our web page: Trip Cancellation and Interruption Protection.

8 - how is Weather?
The Weather in Vietnam changes drastically from North to center to the south please chek the local forcast before you departure to see what temptures are expected.
Or send us a email to be sure.

9 - what is included in the cost?
Motorcycle: each rider 
Petrol, Oil and maintenance
All meals and non-alcoholic beverages
Accommodation in local guesthouses, hotels or home stays
English-speaking guide
All fees, tolls and National Park entrance tickets
Helmets: Full face and open face
Body armor
Rain pants and Poncho
Dry bag and tie downs

10- what is not included?
Alcohol drinks
Personal Health Insurance
Personal expenses
Personal Tip and gratuities
Liability insurance

11- Can you make any accommodation arrangement for us?
Of course. We arrange hotel reservations.

12 - how do i stay in touch with home in case of an emergency?
Vietnam has the best internet conection, so you can have free wifi in our hotel and homestay.

13- what should i bring on tour?
Sample Packing List
Here is a list of items that you should bring to make your self comfortable on tour
Personal Items to bring:
  • T shirts
  • Swimming clothes
  • Long Trousers
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Warm sweater or fleece
  • Sandals or comfortable shoes
  • Mosquito spray
  • Motorbike gloves
  • Sturdy boots for riding
  • Passport/money belt or wallet
  • Toiletries:
  • Travel shampoo
  • Tooth paste / brush
  • Personal medications

We provide Dry Bags and bungee cords for your luggage to strap to your bike. Try and bring a minim with you on tour. If you need to leave luggage in Hanoi you can leave it with the hotel and pick on your return to Hanoi. Please don’t leave any valuables in the left luggage. For larger groups we can arrange a support vehicle to carry your luggage while on tour. For an additional charge.

14- how many riders will be in the group?
Trips are limited to 10 motorcycles, plus the tour leaders. We think customers will prefer the more custom, intimate nature of a trip with fewer motorcycles. We will accommodate more riders if the trip is for a private group.

15 - are support vehicle used?
Pls let us know  if you want to have a support vihycle 

16 - riding equipment?
Riding Equipment: On tour we provide  helmets full and open face helmets, ,body armor riding gloves, Rain paints ( Large sizes available) and water-proof poncho and a Water-proof “Dry Bag” on tour.

you can leave extra luggage at our placeduring your tour. Please don’t leave Cash/cameras/computers in stored luggage.

Vietnam has and enforces helmet law when driving or as a passenger on a motorbike. Regardless if local are wearing helmets we require that you use a helmet at all times. A selection of helmets available (included in tour cost)  It is best if you bring your own helmet with you to ensure proper fit and comfort.

17 - how do i pay for the tour?
Payments: Full payment must be made by the time we leave on the trip, we accept Visa, Master Card bank fees from 2-3% might apply.

Deposits: We require a deposit of approximate 200US$ to secure a booking. Deposits can be made to our Hanoi bank in local currency, US$ and by PayPal. Please contact us for full details.