Freebird Adventures offer you this trip combines with both the Northeast and Northwest of Vietnam, The program is meticulously planned from food to accommodation has been very carefully selected, the places we take you to are completely different or separate from other crowded tourist spots and the most beautiful palaces of northern Vietnam are included in this program.

The indispensable special points for this trip are,  from east to west in northern Vietnam. You will visit famous spots like Ba Be lakes, Ban Gioc Waterfall, Ha Giang ( happnies pass ) then the West even more beautiful as Sapa, Mu Cang Chai, Son La, Moc Chau, Mai Chau and Pu Luong...!!!

The points not famous are the best points, because in fact those points are very limited, Restricted by other means cannot go Only motorcycles can go. this is why our motorcycle tour dominant than other adventure tours. There are roads that end on this side of the river,  We have to use a raft or boat to cross the river,  there are roads that are not called roads but that doesn't matter to us, We call it adventure travel.

Where the roads end, that is the fun start.


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Vietnam is a miniature paradise for motorcycle enthusiasts, We fully understand that that motivates us making this program with outstanding features and impressive Please join us to experience the extremely interesting experience that only Vietnam has.


Day 1 HANOI - KE VILLAGES ( homestay )

Ke village is a village located next to Da river to get there we will have to go through many valleys, This place is about 120 km from Hanoi but they have their own language to communicate, This is the living area of two ethnic minorities It's the Dao and Muong people.

Day 2 KE VILLAGES - THAC BA LAKES ( homestay )

This is a very tourist attraction and peaceful, But because the traffic is not convenient, So there are very few tourists know about this place, always the same come to Thac Ba you will never forget, they are very friendly, open, happy and very honest, and the most important thing is a hearty meal they will prepare all day for us. - We will have a boat trip on Thac Ba Lake.

Day 3 THAC BA LAKES - BABE LAKES ( homestay )

Ba Be Lakes is a favorite point of many tourists coming here, This is an indispensable tourist destination in the journey to visit the northeastern region of Vietnam, This place is endowed with many interesting attractions such as beautiful lakes, caves, and thick forest. -We will visit the lakes and the bat cave by boat the next day our motorbike will come with us to continue to another location.

Day 4 BABE LAKES - CAO BANG ( homestay )

Cao Bang be compared the paradise of limestone mountains, The natural landscape here is very rich, and this place is also a famous historical tourist destination, This is where President Ho Chi Minh began to return to Vietnam to find a way to save the country, he had to stay in a cave next to the Vietnam-China border, Here are the places that are extremely attractive for travelers like Ban Gioc waterfall, Ban Gioc waterfall was voted as one of the ten most beautiful waterfalls in the world. - Enjoy one of the four most beautiful passes in Vietnam.


We will visit Ban Gioc Waterfall, then we will continue the journey along the borders, You will pass many different villages along the border The most concentrated here is the H'mong ethnic group, Na Chi, Tay, Nung, and Dao and they all have their own languages to communicate, customs and traditions are differently, We can distinguish them through their traditional costumes, You will be very excited to meet them. Visit Ban Gioc waterfall

Day 6 NGUYEN BINH TOWN - MEO VAC ( local hotel )

This is the territory between two provinces of Cao Bang and Ha Giang, There are clear differences here from culture to geology and to people, you will see clear geological changes of this mysterious rocky plateau, Our guide will lead you along the trail along the border with China, Through the trails that people use to work in the fields, you will cross a river on the bamboo rafts. This is the only way for the H'mong people use to cross river.

Day 7 MEO VAC TOWN - DU GIA VILLAGES ( homestay )

And this will probably be a very special day for anyone visiting Vietnam, especially by motorbike Because this place is known as the heart of the Dong Van rock plateau, You will be extremely surprised at the endless beauty of this place, This place has amazingly winding roads, and majestic rocky mountains, What makes you unbelievable are the people living along the mountains that is only possible in stories for adventurers, We believe that only when you get there will you feel like us.

Day 8 DU GIA VILLAGES - VIET QUANG TOWN ( local hotel )

We will go from northeast to northwest. The difference between these two regions is quite clear it is expressed by the fertility and abundance of the land there, If in Hà Giang, people planted corn on each rock, here the people of the Dao ethnic group cultivate on fertile terraced fields. Quang Binh is a fairly famous place in northeast Vietnam, This is also a national tourist destination.

Day 9 VIET QUANG - SAPA TOWN ( local hotel )

Sapa is a very popular tourist destination, This place is known for such highlights fansipan, waterfall, rice tarraces...and the trekking part where people go for hiking there, we can somehow understand that People who come here travel with us differently, This place will be the resting spot with all the services that can be found here like foot massage, have some drink and meet some new friends at the local bar.

Day 10 SAPA FREEDAY ( local hotel )

We want you to get the most comfortable, and enjoy the most after few day ride, And that's why we want you to have a completely relaxing and free day exploring this place.

Day 11 SAPA - MU CANG CHAI ( homestay )

Mu Cang Chai is the center of the most beautiful terraced fields in the North of Vietnam, During the whole route you will admire the rice fields with different shapes, It was created through many different generations, and they continue to pass from generation to generation, they were completely optimistic and loved their daily work in the rice fields their ancestors traced, let our guide tell you and show you how happy they are.

Day 12 MU CHANG CHAI - IT ONG TOWN ( local hotel )

Day 13 IT ONG - MOC CHAU ( homestay )

Day 14 MAI CHAU - MAI CHAU ( homestay )

Day 15 MAI CHAU - PU LUONG ( homestay )

Day 16 PU LUONG - DREAM WATERFALL ( homestay )

Day 17 DREAM WATERFALL - HANOI ( trip finish in your hotel in Hanoi )