Northwest Vietnam is a strong natural place of giant mountain ranges such as the Fancipan peak with a height of 3143m above the sea level, and the North West is also known for its terraced fields stretching on the limestone slopes of Ethnic minorities in Mù Cang Chải, or the plum valley and good green tea hills in Mộc Châu, you will be greeted by Thai girls with cultural melodies through the songs. their traditional songs and dances, and enjoy the traditional meals of Mường people, this is a trip combining traditional culture and enjoying the beautiful scenery of northwestern Vietnam.


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Come to the northwest, we will experience the culture and cuisine of many different ethnic minorities like, Thai, Muong, Dao, h'mong and Day, let's join us by motorbike...!


Day 1 ke village ( homestay with the Muong family ) 160km

On the first day, we will follow along the Red River to reach the Ke Village, your guide will lead you according to the route with absolutely no heavy traffic as you see in Hanoi streets, you absolutely can peace of mind and enjoy the feeling of freedom when traveling by motorbike.

Day 2 Pu Luong ( homestay with the white Thai family ) 180km

when you are completely away from the noise of the city, and the busynest of the people who are bustling with work, on the contrary to that you can completely relax to enjoy your breakfast in a way relax, and continue to relax on roads full of new things that you can't know what's going on at every corner ...

Day 3 Moc Chau ( homestay with H'mong family ) 190km

The most impressive thing, you wont able to see it is happening in some other country, the friendly, the warmly and the happiest about the hard working farmer we will see along the trip in each place we passing them, they are always ready to stop their job just to say hello to you and have some tea with you with some simple question? where are you from? are you married? or would you like to stay with them...

Day 4 Nghia Lo ( local hotel ) 195km

You may not know us very well, but through this trip you will understand a lot more interesting things, and especially you will not be surprised with the traditional ways of doing things from generation to generation and they will continue to pass from one life to another by the simplest and most honest way of living

Day 5 Than Uyen ( local hotel ) 160km

We would like your trip to be a surprising experience through what you have seen and learned, it also creates a full style. Your differences through exciting roads..

Day 6 Sapa - Lao Cai Station ( over night train back to Hanoi ) 205km

Arrive to Lao Cai Train station, we have a guest house to take a shower, eat a nice meal and have a few beers with your friends to decompress after the ride, the train compartments are 4 berth soft sleepers with A/C. The train departs Lao Cai at 8:30pm and arrives in Hanoi at 6:30am. You also save money because you don’t have to pay for a hotel room in Hanoi on the last day of the ride. We put the motorbikes on the same train with us and make our way back to Hanoi. When we arrive in Hanoi we collect the bikes from the train and drive through the quiet streets of Hanoi as the city wakes up to our garage around 15 minutes, then our driver will take you back to your hotel or airport for your next adventure.