This trip we organizing for who have short ride in Vietnam, so we start from Hanoi and end in Lao Cai station, we will take overnight train back to Hanoi in the early morning ( 5:00 am )

Northwest majestic mountains are priceless gift of nature given to Vietnam. Those people who like to explore will certainly be desirable to this area for an adventure on the road by motorcycles. We made this motorbike tour to meet your desires.

Let’s get ready with us in this motorcycle tour while we riding on the rural and spectacular routes such as Hong Son lakes or Cuc Phuong natural park . Gaze with veneration at the fanciful terraced rice fields in Pu Luong nature reserve and Than Uyen. Prior to Cuc Phuong natural park attractive destinations, we also explore the different tourist attractions: Mai Chau & Sapa Besides, during this trip we will go thru a lot of different villages and wonderful valley you would not know, It is waiting for you.

Join us and you will get an unforgettable experience . . .


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During this trip, we really can't tell you all what you will see and you really experience our thorough plans, so we wish that this journey will always be a great story when you visit our country, we would love to share with you all the new lands that we spend a lot of time to explore and put into this program, let's explore it in the right way.


Day 1 Ba Be Lakes ( homestay with Tay family ) 230km

Our route is quite long on the first day, however we still try to take you through the trails to avoid the crowded roads of the city, after lunch we will experience the palace The winding and winding road of northeast Vietnam, you will admire the rice fields stretching along the paths that we will go ...

Day 2 Bao Lac ( local hotel ) 160km

Next route, we will have completely different experiences, we will put the motorbike on the boat and join us to enjoy the view of Ba Be Lake, then finish at the Puong cave, this is a day Challenging with exciting experiences such as overcoming, walking on the local bamboo bridges created by themselves to make transportation more convenient when the flood season comes.

Day 3 Meo Vac - Ha Giang ( Local hotel ) 168km

You will continue to face new challenges for the next day, or choose the easier routes to suit your skills, and the most important thing is the weather in this area, if the weather is good then it will be a chance for you to try the extremely interesting experience that is crossing the river with a bamboo raft.

Day 4 Du Gia - Ha Giang ( homestay ) 170km

During trip, we really emphasized that the land area is bestowed by nature with a magnificent, enchanting, magical landscape of the land recognized by Unesco as Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark in Ha Giang province.

Day 5 Quang Binh ( local hotel ) 185km

Ha Giang is really stunning place where we think you can't come and go right away, so we try to get you to the most beautiful places in this region, so we'll have more time. more time to enjoy the magnificent scenery here.

Day 6 Xi Man ( local hotel ) 158km

Xi Man is a place that is quite close to China, where the most diverse ethnic groups are gathered, but the most still mentioned is the H'Mong ethnic people, where they have one-time market meetings. In the lunar calendar, if we are lucky we will see the most gradual and true images of the mountain people here.

Day 7 Lao Cai station 175km

We try to make sure that you do not take much time to drive on the national roads here, , we Believe that the end of the tour in Lao Cai and return to Hanoi is the most suitable and safest option after this trip, before boarding, we will book a room for you before dinner and return to Hanoi. So, you can absolutely have a comfortable and comfortable sleep with our service