Experience a full-day ride in an authentic US Army Jeep Adventures tour to Hong Son with us,  offers you great 4w drive on the Jeep to Hong Son areas Located in My Duc District, about 50km-suburban away from the City, Hong Son is the Hidden Gem that no tourists discover. Hong Son is not only Ha Long bay on Land, but it is like the Symbol of the Northern Vietnam, where you can admires the combination of limestone cave and the rice paddy field All YEAR ROUND.
You will have a chance to see real rural lifestyle of Northern Vietnamese with of duck, chicken, fish, cows, buffaloes vegetables, rice, and lotus, making a picturesque scenery.
Let's Discover the Land of Peace and Wonders in Our UNIQUE JEEP tour!


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Experience the UNIQUE US Army Trip with Freebird Adeventures

Enjoy the Beautiful landscape view as Ha Long Bay on land in Hanoi

Experience walking on the Monkey bridge in the limestone cave ( Tiger cave local name )

Enjoy the local rural areas to understand the real countryside life

Enjoy the Swimming inside the Huong cave

Visit the local market with hundreds of self-grown argiculture products

Enjoy the local home - cooked Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Let try Flying te Kit



08:00 AM: Our Local guide and Driver comes to your hotel to pick you up then we drive to Hong Son by our car/bus. On the way, you will pass through different countryside scenery near Hanoi, Some of which you cannot imagine, like local countryside markets, people working in the fields, students biking back home....

10:00AM; Arrive Time

Arrive Hong Son, the peaceful communed embraced by Limestone caves and Rice Paddy. Take a break and enjoy our local herb tea to get back your energy for coming JEEP ADVENTURE. Get your water hold in a Piston, take your battle style broad-brimmed cap to get on the Jeep Historical Journey

10:00AM Start Your Jeep Adventure

10:00 AM: Arrive Hong Son, the peaceful commune embraced by Limestone caves, Karsts and Rice Paddy fields. Take a break and enjoy our local herb tea to get back your energy for the coming JEEP ADVENTURE. Hold on, were about to go, take your battle style broad-brimmed cap to get on the Jeep Historical Journey.

10:30AM: Start the JEEP Journey with our local driver and guide.

Our Skillful drivers will take you to see beautiful countryside of the local villagers, passing through Hong Son lake with on 2 sides are ancient houses, vegetable fields or fish and duck farms. Continue the journey to Ho Chi Minh trail, listening to our guide's story telling of the war on this Historical road.

11:30 AM: Arrive Tiger cave

Arrive Tiger cave, you will get off the Jeep, and embark on your mysterious journey to step on Monkey bridge, to discover a limestone cave under named Tiger, let's see what our guide told you about this cave when you return.. Get back on our Jeep to continue to another village named Soi (means Little Stone)

12:30PM: Have lunch in Soi Restaurant,

walk around to discover the lifestyle in this unique place.


13:30 PM: Continue on our Jeep tour to discover a Wetland valley where you can see local people growing rice in a flooded field. 15:00 PM: Arrive Incense Cave, you can enjoy swimming in the fresh water inside the cave. At the same time, our guide will offer you some cold drinks and a snack after a day of sunshine and mountain wind

Market time

16:30 PM: Get back to the JEEP to continue on the Village roads to go further to a Local Market named Cong Ro, only open in the afternoon where you can find All the Local Foods inside the Small Stores or just A Vendor on the Street with local Vegetables, Fish, Chickens, Duck, Self-Grown Fruits like Mango, Guava, Mangosteen, Pear, Orange, Viet Grapefruit, Papaya ...all you need, from Fresh to Cooked. At the same time Our Guide will invite you to try for Free the very Delicious Spring Rolls cooked by a Hong Son lady, you can Truly experience the Rural Taste of Life here After tasting local food, You will travel further and stop in a field to Fly the Kite and to Discover the beautiful Childhood of Vietnamese kids in the countryside.

Going back to the City after the full day acctivities

17:30 PM: Saying goodbye with the local kids, we get back to the Jeep to drive back to our Garage. 17:40 PM: Get back on our bus/van to go back to Hanoi City Center, saying goodbye to the beautiful and peaceful Hong Son Commune. 19:40 PM - 20:00 PM: Arrive back to Hanoi, our local guide will drop you back to your hotel. Thank you for enjoying the day in our home area and we hope to See you again on Another Freebird Adventures