Small advices for great adventures!

Generally speaking: the less luggage you bring, the more comfortable your journey will be. Please keep in mind that during our tours we can experience four climates. Rainy and cool days are very common, especially for the Northern part of the country.

For your best comfort, Freebird Adventures can provide you with standard full face helmets that will protect you from insects, dust, sunburn etc.

During your trip we encourage you to wear light-colored leather or Gore-Tex clothing that will keep you seen on the road and comfortable. If your motorcycle clothing is not waterproof, please bring a rain jacket as well as durable trousers. We will also offer you some of our rain gear. You must make sure to have a good pair of gloves ready for the trip.

As for the shoes, motorcycle boots or high hiking boots are the most appropriate for riding a motorbike in Vietnam. They will get dirty! Kidney belt and scarf should go without saying. Otherwise, we recommend hard-wearing clothing such as jeans, cotton T-shirts, hoodies and other comfortable outfits. In case of cooler days and nights, do not forget to bring a sweater, long johns and socks.

We strongly recommend you have your own travel/health/accident insurance.

ABOUT VIETNAM: Vietnam is a unique country with sixty-three provinces. You may want to visit a few or even all of them! In order to make our great state easier to navigate, we have divided it into seven regions, color coded on the map. Please click on the VIETNAM REGIONAL MAP to see what makes each part of the country special:

  • NORTH WEST (Elevation: 100M-3143M)

This region is a must see! It is a striking blend of lush rice valleys, jungle and mountain ranges that includes “the roof of Indochina”, mount Fansipan. Also, this part of Vietnam is culturally diverse and largely inhabited by ethnic minorities. You can discover this part of the country in less than a week.

NORTH EAST (Elevation: 0M-1980M)

A region is known for the waterfalls, caves and superb scenery. Glide through the lakes and rivers at Ba Be National Park and enjoy riding through black mountains of Dong Van Geopark.

  • NORTH CENTRAL COAST (Elevation:1-2711M)

A region known for stunning countryside landscapes, idyllic rice paddies, ancient towns, natural parks, long beaches and still recovering from the war times places.


This region is known for magical turquoise waters of Halong Bay as well as its 3000 islands and biggest port in Vietnam, Hai Phong.


Nghe An province is known for Ho Chi Minh’s hometown as well for the Phong Nha Natural Geopark where the longest and biggest cave is located. Definitely worth checking out.

  • SOUTH CENTRAL COAST (Elevation: 1-1793M)

This region is known for spacious beaches, the citadel of Hue City and Hai Van pass. The third biggest city in Vietnam is Da Nang, while Hoi An is one of the most ancient towns of the country. This part of Vietnam attracts travelers from all over the world.


The biggest city, Saigon, is located in this part of the country. It is different from the north in many ways and worth your full attention. Cu Chi tunnel is the biggest tunnel in the south that was used during the war times. If you can fit in the tunnel, you will have unprecedented experience.


The 'rice bowl' of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta is a landscape carpeted in a dizzying variety of greens and slashed with mighty waterways. Flowing markets, where you can find all finds of exotic fruits and vegetables bring many colors to the region.