About us

The Freebird Adventures Style

    When asked why they are so enthusiastic about recommending a Freebird Adventure to their friends, many riders comment on how well they like our style of doing things. So what exactly is “The Freebird Adventures Style”?

    It’s a Standard of Excellence that sets us apart from other motorcycle tour companies. Most of our tours carry the “Quality Tour” , which calls for the following standards:

   High Quality Accommodations: Smaller groups enable us to use smaller, more interesting hotels and homestay that simply can’t accommodate large groups.  and we often book the entire place.

   Traditional Vietnamese Meals: All carefully homemade. Although for some overnight stops restaurants may be located at our hotel, we usually avoid dining in hotels. We prefer the high quality local restaurants, where riders can experience exceptional local cuisine while dining with the locals.

   Small, Intimate Groups: Our Adventures aren’t designed for the masses – they are much more personal. We limit most trips to 10 customer motorcycles. You’re likely to feel as though you haven’t been on a “tour” at all – but have had a wonderful adventure with a small group of friends.

    Experienced Tour  Guides: All have years of experience travelling Vietnam and know the local and smaller roads that take you off the beaten track. We carefully tailor our itineraries to your individual riding style and road conditions. We are flexible for the timid and adventurous at heart. As we ride we look to explore, not rush you to the guesthouse if there is riding to be done. It’s the journey not the destination.

“The Freebird Adventures Style”.

   Late Model, Quality Motorcycles! We take pride in having the largest fleet of bikes of any tour company in Vietnam. Well maintained and set up for touring in Vietnam. All of our bikes are officially registered to the company so there is no worry that you’ll be riding a second-hand bike with a fake number plate. We don’t rent out our motorcycles and only use them on guided tours.

     Exciting Activities Included in Tour Price. All our adventures include exciting activities in the tour price.

   Safety , local knowledge, connections and fist aid training helps ensure a safe and happy journey. We travel with a full first aid kit and have a network of private and local heath clinics along the routes we can access if required. Our client safety is paramount and we make sure we know current road conditions and judge clients abilities while on tour to adjust route selection to suit. We have worked with client’s insurance companies to provide the proper documentation to file a claim if required and have safety plans in place should an emergency occur.

   Many of our riders have returned for more adventures on different routes and have recommend us to their friends. Vietnam is an amazing place to ride and we provide the best bikes and a tight organization to make your adventure what you want to share with friends and remember for a life time. Have a look at our TripAdvisor to see the real reviews.