Why Freebird Adventures?

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful and charming places in the world to visit. Freebird Adventures would be happy to introduce you to the culture, traditions and history of our homeland. There is no doubt that the best way to discover Vietnam is by motorbike. Freebird Adventures provides off-the-beaten path motorcycle tours of Vietnam. We are based in Hanoi and travel all over the country.

Interested to see not only touristy places but also discover the “real Vietnam”? Want to try authentic local food and beverages? Eager to meet minority people? Want to explore the diverse landscape of the North while swimming in different waterfalls? Then you should join Freebird Adventures tour! If you are a person who loves exploring, discovering new horizons, experiencing unusual, sometimes strange, but always interesting cultures we will get you on the bike to see the real Vietnamese countryside in all its glory. You will discover the parts of Vietnam that are simply not possible to reach by the ‘open tour bus’ or on the usual tourist trail. You will never forget the memories made on the road of Vietnam!

We always try our best to offer our customers the trips during which they get to see not only spectacular views of the country but also discover all about the daily local life of Vietnamese people. Our motorbike tours are pure adventure, a unique experience and an unforgettable memory.

Feel the freedom of two wheels. Keep going, never give up!

Minh grew up in Hong Son, a small village located about 60km South West of Hanoi.  For his young age, he had worked many different jobs in hotels, home stays, restaurants, Ha Long Bay boats and even as a private driver for the British Embassy. His knowledge of what travelers really want to see and do has come from lots of experiences working with people in the tourism sector.

Freebird Adventures were born after Minh had met Shake, Paul and Susan who are from New Zealand. It was one of his shifts in the restaurant when the conversation about travelling started. Minh was honest and said that it would be really boring to see Vietnam from the bus. Instead, he highly recommended to go on a motorbike adventure where they could be able to experience a rural world… An idea became a reality: four of them did a nine day trip to the North and it turned out to be fantastic! Not only did they see the beautiful countryside, breathtaking mountain ranges, calm lakes and busy harvesting season but they also met the Vietnamese minority groups and tried the most authentic foods. From that time Minh knew that touring rural Vietnam was his passion especially on the motorbike. After many tours with people from all over the world, it was time to give a name to his adventures.

So Minh thought, “When you are on the motorbike, on two wheels, you can go anywhere, across the bamboo bridge, through the mud like a buffalo, through the streams, and up the rocky mountain roads. You feel like flying. You are a free bird”.

So here it comes: Freebird Adventures!